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Total Eclipse of the Moon
This year sky-watchers will have two chances to witness the simplest and most widely shared of sky shows—a total lunar eclipse. In the predawn hours of Tuesday, April 15, the lunar disk will be slowly blanketed by the dark shadow of Earth, as our planet moves between the sun and the moon.
Totality, or total coverage of the moon, begins at 7:06 a.m. GMT (3:06 a.m. EST). The entire event will be visible from the Western Hemisphere, including both North and South America. The eclipse will not be visible from northern and eastern Europe, eastern Africa, the Middle East, or Central Asia.
Sky-watchers will get another chance to witness the moon blush red on Wednesday, October 8, when another total lunar eclipse will be visible from the Pacific Ocean. Only the northwest part of North America gets to see the entire show. For the rest of the continent and South America, only partial phases occur before moonset. Meanwhile, all stages of the eclipse will be seen from New Zealand and the eastern quarter of Australia. The lunar event will not be observable from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East.
Don’t let negativity bring you down… Smile like a dog with a mini sombrero 😊
"I pitty the FOOL"
 (at April Fool’s Day )
💭Daydreaming… I should be in this storm … Missing the snow right about now… ☁️❄️
This is the most exciting thing I’ve done since Spring Break has started. Bubble baths > everything  (at New Home :) )
Where did today go?! And where’s the moon lately?! 😰This fogginess is truly throwing me off…